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You're just in love - Love songs
You don't own me - Love songs
When jenny wren was young - Love songs
Valentine's day - Love songs
Valentine - Love songs
Up at piccadilly, oh! - Love songs
Tommy snooks - Love songs
There was a little man - Love songs
There was a boy and a girl - Love songs
The work song - Love songs
The sweetest sound - Love songs
The stepsister's lament - Love songs
The hart - Love songs
Tell me why - Love songs
Someone like you - Love songs
So this is love - Love songs
Sippin cider - Love songs
One, he loves - Love songs
On saturday night - Love songs
My love - Love songs
My gal's a corker - Love songs
Mr nobody - Love songs
Me and my teddy bear - Love songs
Man on the flying trapeze - Love songs
Little jack jingle, he used to live single - Love songs
I am a pretty little dutch girl - Love songs
Hart loves the high wood - Love songs
Fiddle dee dee - Love songs
Falling in love with love - Love songs
Do i love you because you're beautiful - Love songs
Daisy daisy - Love songs
Can you feel the love tonight - Love songs
Boy and girl - Love songs
Bobby shaftoe - Love songs
Be my friend - Love songs
A sharp lover - Love songs
A man and a maid - Love songs
Zulu cradle-song - Traditional songs
You're adorable - Traditional songs
You're a grand old flag - Traditional songs
You are old father william - Traditional songs
Where are you goin, my pretty maid - Traditional songs
When good king arthur - Traditional songs
When - Traditional songs
What did delaware, boys? - Traditional songs
Wee willie winkie - Traditional songs
Twinkle twinkle little star - Traditional songs
To make your candles last for aye - Traditional songs
This old man - Traditional songs
This little piggie went to market - Traditional songs

Read the words and lyrics from a great selection of Nursery Rhymes for Children
Read the words and lyrics from a great selection of Nursery Rhymes for Children
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Read the words and lyrics from a great selection of Nursery Rhymes for Children
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